Hairpin Leg Benches

These benches are made from solid pine or cypress and are fitted with 1/2 inch thick hairpin legs. They vary in length: shorter benches are around 45 inches long while the longer ones are around 54 inches. Their widths are about twelve to fifteen inches with the bench top being nearly two inches thick. They are around 16" tall and are heavy, solid,  and durable! Visit me on (click on link to the right) for listed hairpin leg benches. Please contact us via email,, for shipping/delivery or special sizes!
Below is a small, one-person bench ideal for entrance and door ways. Good for sitting to remove shoes or to place house plants. It is designed to be rugged and durable (15lbs). It is made with 1 3/4" thick untreated pine (finely sanded) with the idea that the owner can paint it whatever color they choose. Overall dimension are: 15" long, 9 1/2 - 10" wide, 15" tall (all are a little different dimensions). It is not designed with the intention of being a step-stool.